About Two-Spirit Powwow:


"Bravo!! The fear, the courage...this beautiful film is an important part of healing us all."

Lakota Harden

KPFA Bay Native Circle

"This documentary is good news for a change. The ambient joy at this gathering is a pleasure to watch."

Richard Von Busack

San Jose MetroActive

"Moving.  A fascinating look inside an aspect of LGBTQI life that many know little about."

David-Elijah Nahmod

Bay Area Reporter

About A Lot in Common (the film):

"A poignant tale of camaraderie and community."            
                               Rona Marech

San Francisco Chronicle

"Think 'Tales of the City'--with trowels!"              

               Holly Hayes

San Jose Mercury News

"A well-crafted, humanistic documentary that kept me thoroughly engaged!"

Danny McGuire

Executive Producer, KQED


"Few people in the world of television are able to capture the human spirit so convincingly and with such respect ."

Mary Bitterman

former General Manager, 

"Bacigalupi's style is simultaneously educational and entertaining ... with humor and pathos ... touching."

John Hoskyns-Abrahall

Bullfrog Films

"Rick feels such a strong passion for his projects. That moves me. He has passion and experience telling good stories."

Cynthia Zeiden

President, Zeiden Media

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