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“...a poignant tale of camaraderie and community.” 
     San Francisco Chronicle


“Think 'Tales of the City'--with trowels!”

San Jose Mercury News

“A well-crafted, humanistic documentary that kept me  thoroughly engaged!” 
      Danny McGuire, KQED-TV


“It’s about so much more than community gardening.”
   John Abrahall, Bullfrog Films


Distributed by the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) &

broadcast on public TV stations in more than 50 cities

A Lot

in Common

The Film

Eccentric neighbors, a rabbit on the loose, and a man working to build shared green spaces discover they really do have a lot in common.

with Jane Jacobs, Paul Hawken,

Carl Anthony, Ray Suarez, and

Karl Linn

Meet your extraordinary neighbors: Ruthe the psychic, Roosevelt the grandpa, Joan the single mom, Karl the community organizer. Witness them take over an abandoned lot in Berkeley, California, and transform it over a five-year period into a disarmingly beautiful community garden and commons area, a vibrant space alive with kids, neighborhood events, and stunning public art.


But it’s not all flowers and sunshine. Gardeners clash over the political correctness of accepting a donation of water-guzzling sod from a local nursery. Ruthe’s rabbit gets loose and eats Joan’s vegetables. A LOT IN COMMON raises the timely question: how do we build community?


The eccentric members of the Peralta Community Peace Garden root themselves into the neighborhood and into our hearts as we see them accomplish incredible feats with their volunteer spirit and plenty of elbow grease. And when one gardener is beset with a life-threatening illness, the others, once strangers, rally to her side.

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FIRST PLACE - EarthVision Environmental
BRONZE PLAQUE - Columbus Intl Film Festi
BEST of FESTIVAL - Berkeley Video  Film
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hazel Wolf Environm

Retrospective screening January 2020, Berkeley Public Library West Branch (special thanks to coordinator Sylvia Soriano). Rick Bacigalupi, Producer, with current Peralta Community Garden gardeners & friends.  Photos by Leonard Martin Hughet

Original publicity photos by Ed Caldwell

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