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Photo:  Leonard Martin Hughet


I am an Emmy-winning public TV producer who enjoys helping create unique personal media with those who feel the need to channel their inner documentarian -- or give a fun gift of the experience to someone they know who does!  Like the sample clips below, you can create:

• family oral histories

• tribute videos for special occasions

• gifts for anniversaries and birthdays

• touching memories for future generations

• social media clips just for fun

Email to set up a consultation to chat about the vision for your next film.  Gift certificates available.

Family History -- As immigrants, grandparents paved the way for generations that followed. Archived video interview and recorded essay narrate images of old letters, still photos and transferred 16mm film.

Camp Friends -- A group of teenage pals have stuck together for more than 40 years. Then they invited the camera to document their reunion.

Legacy of Service -- Eleanor wanted her great grandkids to know all about her work during the civil rights movement.  So she became the star of her own film!

How Did Mom & Dad Meet? -- A romantic story immortalized for future generations. Archive video and contemporary Zoom interview narrate still photos from the family album, old letters, and transferred 8mm home movies.

Groundbreaking Neighbors -- A new video interview narrates archival images to tell the story of the pioneers next door...with humility and humor.

Hobby or Obsession? -- Are they a passionate hobbyist or a mad scientist? Sometimes its hard to tell...but easy to document with all new video and a willing subject. A tribute to creativity will preserve the excitement for future viewers.

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