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INDIES GO TO SCHOOL is a blog account of the journey to discover how documentary film is being used in educational settings in the 21st Century.  Included are interviews with educators, TV stations, distributors, and content creators.  The blog project fulfilled one requirement for a masters degree at

San Francisco State University's Department of Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts.  

An indie going to school.


SAMPLE STUDY GUIDES show how learning resources can be made available for students to access live content online that is keyed to Common Core State Standards.  "Malama:  Taking Care" is a multimedia exploration of Hawaiian environment and culture that has grown out of the A Lot in Common documentary Toward Living Pono.  Click box on left for sample projects.

Prof. Ka'ala Carmack at Windward Community College in Kane'ohe was a key consultant while designing educational outreach.  He also composed and performed the score for Toward Living Pono.


SFSU photo by Leonard Martin Hughet

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