Silicon Valley

for Social Good



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NorCal Public Media's

Bay Area Bountiful

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global TV distribution by

NHK World


Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship


MILLER CENTER FELLOWS serves as a pilot for the feature length documentary SILICON VALLEY FOR SOCIAL GOOD.  It follows Santa Clara University students abroad as they work through the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship to help social entrepreneurs with business ventures designed to promote sustainability and social good in developing countries.  

The full length film will explore the challenges faced by start-ups working to address social and environmental problems, many a result of climate change, and the high tech execs who volunteer to mentor them on best business strategies for growth.  Why would some of the highest paid corporate leaders on the planet just give away their time to assist fledgling operations that are far from a sure thing?  Stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 12.23.43

Miller Center Executive Director Thane Kreiner

on set with producer Rick Bacigalupi.

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 8.10.53 PM.png

Miller Center Fellow Emily Alonso documents her social entrepreneur's outreach efforts in Myanmar.

(Courtesy Miller Center)

After returning home to SCU, Emily edits footage to her entrepreneur's specifications for promotional use.  

Miller Center's Spencer Arnold assists.

An open house where Fellows present their work product serves as one culminating experience for the program.